Monday, April 28, 2008

4th quarter assignment:
from part four of the rock, pop, and soul reader
choose one of the following:
1) compare "punk" and "new wave" (articles 50,62,63,64,65)
2) compare the interviews between joni mitchell (52) with david bowie (58)
3) discuss 70's music by african americans (53,54,55)
4) discuss the evolution of heavy metal (56,57)

Jazz concert!
we'll be doing another field trip on friday, may 9. we'll be seeing the joe lovano nonet at lincoln center at 7:30 on friday. we'll leave from the school. tickets are $15 with student id plus dinner (we eat at the club)(it's kinda pricey...figure on $30 for dinner and soda, although you could probably spend less if you want)
we'll be back late (midnightish) if we decide to stay for 2 sets (that's another $15)
figure on $50 for the night.
get back to me asap. i can only take 6-8 people.
mr. elliott

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