Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter 7 response on music under stalin (shostakovich and prokofiev especially) is due before thanksgiving....sorry about the friday due date.
over thanksgiving, read chapters 11, 14 and 15.  it's a lot of stuff, but truly amazing writing, and you'll have lots of time to do it after eating.  see me next week to download some examples so you know what you're listening to.  Chapter 11 ends with some great observations, and 14 and 15 basically spell out everything happening now.
your assignment is to think of a topic, based on alex ross' book (especially these three chapters) to write a longer paper on (1500 words or so).  think about why this type of music is important.  he's discussing "classical" music, but does that word really describe this stuff?  what is it?
the papers will be due december 20.

Friday, November 13, 2009

second quarter:
reaction paper to chapter 7 in "the rest is noise" due 11/20
we will finish this book over thanksgiving break.

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