Monday, September 25, 2006

assignment for monday, september 25 (continued):

read pp 19 - 24 in Cook.
listen to the posted audio files at below)

vocab: bourgeoisie, subjectivity, subversion, promulgate, epitomize, altruism
(vocab will be handed in all at once on friday)

discussion questions:
What is your reaction to Beethoven's 5th symphony or the Appassionata Sonata? (see page 21 in Cook)
How did capitalism effect music?
How does Rossini differ from Beethoven?
Is it easier to listen to Beethoven in the manner described in lines 1-5 on page 23?
How does Beethoven resemble the "American Dream?"

by friday, you'll need to turn in a handwritten draft of a 500 word (or so) paper on one of the discussion questions or some other idea relating to the Book. (no random ideas) i'll also collect the week's vocab on friday.

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