Tuesday, October 24, 2006

assignment for tuesday, october 24:
REMEMBER: cook is talking about "classical" music in this chapter

read pp. 108 - 115

vocab: concision, indicative, replete, reiterate, inviolate, impute, austere, spurious

discussion questions:
does pop music "have gender" apart from that if its creator? (what about examples like the fact that a jewish man wrote "Killing me softly."?)
can Tomlinson's arguement (p. 114-115) be used to help explain the decline of "classical" music in America?
what differences do you hear between beethoven and schubert? i'm posting 3 examples at www.hotcuprecords.com/music/!@$#@$%:

symphonies: mvt. 1 of symph. 9 by beethoven (/muisc/beethovenS91.mp3) and mvt. 2 of the "unfinished" symph. by Schubert (/music/schubertS.mp3). (examples used on pp. 108-110)

chamber music: finales from beethoven's "Archduke" trio (/music/beethovenT.mp3) and schubert's "trout" quintet (/music/schubertT.mp3)

lieder (art songs): (/music/beethovenL.mp3) (/music/schubertL.mp3)

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