Friday, October 06, 2006

assignment for the weekend of friday, october 6:

read pp. 58-73 in Cook.

vocab: florid, interstices, impinge, untrammelled, pertinent, abysmal, ineradicable, surrogates

discussion questions:
what is the function of notation?
how accurate must a performance be to be "authentic"? (p. 62)
do other artists suffer from the same inaccuracies as beethoven and mozart? (p. 62)
why is the piano so important to western music? what is its role?
why do we treat music as an imaginary object?
explain the last line in the first paragraph on page 71. (...changing the subject.)
which of the two theories at the end of the chapter do you side with? (pp. 71, 72, 73)

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