Monday, October 16, 2006

this is not a requirement, and there will be more.
on thursday, october 26, the new york philharmonic is playing a program of music that includes Beethoven's 5th symphony. the concert will be sold out, so there are no cheapo student tickets available. the tickets are $28 apiece for the show. anyone interested in going needs to tell me by the end of school tomorrow and bring me money by friday. here are the details:
4 PM - leave manhasset (you'll need to buy a train ticket to and from penn station)
5 PM - take the subway uptown to lincoln center (you'll need a metro card for 2 rides - $4)
5:30 - get food (you'll need some cash for eats)
7:00 - get to avery fischer hall for show at 7:30
9:30 - 10 ish - head back downtown to catch the train back to manhasset or whereever you're going.

total cost:
$28 for ticket
$8 or so for train
$4 for subway
$12 or so for food
$50-$55 when all is said and done

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