Monday, October 09, 2006

Papers for the week of october 9:
rough drafts may be picked up in imm. aud. final draft (typed) is due by thursday, oct 12.

for your next paper, everyone will be comparing three versions of the "appassionata" piano sonata by beethoven. there are three versions posted online. the first is by Richard Goode (.../music/beethovenP2.mp3, and P3, and P4. there are three movements) recorded 4 years ago, or so. the second is also recent. Pierre Laurent-Amiard (.../music/beethovenP5.mp3, and P6, and P7). the last is by Rudolph Serkin from 1962 (.../music/beethovenP8.mp3, all three movements in one track).
compare their styles, interpretations, etc. but stay away from sound quality (the last is burned from a record, so it'll have some pops and stuff) learn about each pianist. does their background alter the way they play?
500 words.
rough draft on monday, oct 16

i also posted the chopin and brahms pieces to be listened to. this is one of his etudes that cook discusses
.../music/brhams1.mp3 this is one movement from his second symphony (possible future paper topic)

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