Wednesday, November 22, 2006

assignment for Thanksgiving break:
read pp. 60-80 in Baraka
turn in vocab (week 3), any missed vocab, and draft fo second paper on monday.

vocab: lament, arduous, ebullient, paucity, chattel, extemporized, exploits, archetype, relegate, impetus, arbitrary, patently, cacophony, preclude, veracity, concomitant, quadrille, dirge, jovial, pastiche, aegis, amalgam

discussion questions:
how does the individual nature of the country blues contrast with the ensemble tradition of europe?
how did language effect the development of the blues? (p. 63)
how did the separation of the Negro from mainstream society effect the development of blues?
how does the end of the first paragraph on p. 68 (lines 14-20) apply to current "work" in American capitalist society and Hip-Hop culture?
is the origin of jazz vague? (p. 70)
how did New Orleans Creole culture alter the development of blues?

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