Saturday, November 04, 2006

your assignments can be picked up on monday.
some people are having diffficulty keeping up with the pace of the course. in general, i'd like to maintain the "vocab once a week" idea and continue having you turn in 2 drafts of each paper.

if you want to get a jump on the next book, feel free to start.

assignment for monday, nov. 6:
read pp. 1-4 (skip the introduction) in "Blues People" by LeRoi Jones a.k.a. Amiri Baraka
vocab: absentee, correlative, antithesis, cipher, retinue, matriculate

discussion questions:
what were the main differences between american slavery of africans and other historical instances of slavery?
what does the second paragraph on page 2 tell us about white americans' attitude toward slaves?
how does Baraka's presentation of slave life on page 3 differ from other versions?

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