Tuesday, November 28, 2006

first, my band, Mostly Other People Do the Killing, is playing friday, dec. 15 at the bowery poetry club. it's $10 at the door, and i can't make it a field trip (first, cuz it's my show, second cuz i can't ride the train with you guys) but you should come out and bring your parents too....fun for all ages!?
second, i'd like to go to a ballet and an opera this winter:
Ballet: Feb 23, 8 PM (works by stravinsky including one of the all time greats, Firebird) tickets are $35
Opera: march 23 8 PM The Egyptian Helen by R. Strauss....he's the man when it comes to dark operas. tickets are $ 40

i'm working on some jazz stuff that isnt' me, but they don't plan as long in advance as the classical stuff.
we'll hit jazz at lincoln center in april.

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