Friday, September 28, 2007

assignment for the week of oct. 1:
1) read the foreward, introduction, and pages 1-40 in the Kriwaczek.
2) vocab assignment: write the word, its definition, copy the sentence from the book in which it is used (page number listed), and use it in a sentence of your own. (must be handwritten!)
words: niche (xi), ignominy (xiii), plebian (11), vernacular (11), decadence (17), propitious (22)
3) answer the following qusetions in in short essays (several complete sentences). grammar counts!
a) how did Rohan Kriwaczek become involved with teh guild of funerary violinists?
b) describe the format of a funerary violin performance? what did the performer do?
c) describe the life of George Babcotte.

assignments are due by tuesday, oct. 9!

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