Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome back!
We will meet briefly after school on tuesday, sept 11 to discuss the year.
Your first assignment will be due on thursday, sept. 13.
Write a 500 word (or so) essay about the music you listened to this summer. This can include recordings or concerts.
All papers should be typed, 12 point font, and double spaced. Turn them in to Imm. auditorium.

Be sure to READ the syllabus you picked up.
We'll start reading the first book this week.
Here is a list of the books you need, if you didnt' get it:

Kriwaczek, Rohan: An Incomplete History of the Art of the Funerary Violin; Overlook Hardcover, 2007. ISBN#:1-58567-826-0

Felsenfeld, Daniel: Parallel Lives: Charles Ives and Aaron Copland, A Listener's Guide; Amadeus Press, 2004
ISBN#: 1-57467-098-0

Brackett, David: The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader; Oxford Univ. Press, 2005. ISBN#: 0-19-15-51257-1

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